Balmain Rugby Club

Originally established in 1873, Balmain Rugby Club is one of the oldest rugby clubs in Australia. Balmain was one of the founding members in 1874 of the New South Wales Rugby Union.

These days we compete in the NSW Suburban Rugby Competition where we enjoy our time on & off the pitch.

The competition for places increases up the grades but we pride ourselves on the ‘one club’ ethos where the benchie for 5th grade is viewed as every bit as important as the flashy No 10 in 1st grade. That doesn’t mean we don’t like to win, we do, it’s just an even better night when all grades get up!

The secret of our success has been hard-work, street-smarts & having a good time! Quite simply, at Balmain we do it better.

Come & enjoy the difference – you will not be disappointed!